Here is a list of some commonly asked questions associated with Collision Repairs.  If you do not see an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience so we can explain our process in detail.  

While we can help you throughout the insurance and repair process, we can not start a claim on your behalf. Your first step is to contact your insurance company (or the company that will be handling the claim) and get a Claim Number. With that number we can handle most of the tedious insurance work for you and get your repair completed as soon as possible.
NO. It is entirely your choice where you have your vehicle repaired. While we hope you choose us to repair your vehicle, you are not required to have your vehicle repaired at any particular facility regardless of what your insurance company may suggest.
We do not have have our own fleet of rental cars. We do however typically have rentals on site through Kulp Car Rentals, and also have Enterprise vehicles available locally.
A Deductible is your portion of the vehicle repair that you are responsible for. An example would be if the total repair invoice was $1000.00 and your deductible is $250.00, you would be responsible for the first $250.00 and the insurance company would be responsible for the remaining $750.00. Deductible payment is due upon completion of the repair, prior to the vehicle being released.
We recommend that you wait a few days before you take your vehicle through any high pressure wash. Mild detergents and hand washing are acceptable right after you pick the vehicle up. We will not release a vehicle that is not ready to be subject to any normal weather (rain, hot sun, cold, snow, etc). We also recommend to wait one month before using wax or any paint sealant over the freshly refinished panels.
While we do not require that you have an appointment for an estimate during regular business hours, we suggest you call and schedule your visit so we can complete your estimate and take as little time out of your day as possible. If you are able to drop your car and leave it with us, an appointment is not necessary.
YES. We have an after hours Drop Box. If you are scheduled for repairs already, minimal information is needed on the information card. If you are dropping a vehicle off that is not scheduled, please fill out the information card as much as possible so we can get in contact with you and address your concerns as soon as possible.
While every repair job is different, we can not give an exact answer to that without looking at the car. After the initial estimate is written and the vehicle is scheduled for repairs, we can give you a reasonably accurate date of completion. We will always contact you the day we anticipate repairs to be completed and give as much time as possible for you to make plans to pickup your vehicle.
Absolutely. We can take care of any issues you have with your vehicle while it is in for repairs to minimize the inconvenience to you. Repairs such as door dings, paintless dent repair, State Inspections and Emissions testing, Tires, Oil Changes, etc. can be done at our facility. Major mechanical repairs can be done by our mechanical shop Juniper Auto Care.
We do not make the final call on whether or not a vehicle is a total loss. The insurance company will review over our detailed repair estimate after necessary disassembly has been done and decide whether or not it is financially feasible to repair the vehicle. If the repair cost exceeds the vehicles Actual Cash Value less the salvage value, often times the insurance company will decide to determine the vehicle to be a total loss. In this case you will be given reasonable time to clean your belongings from your vehicle before the insurance company arranges to take your vehicle to a salvage auction. We can certainly assist you with anything you need in this process.